Reviews for “and Happy”

Dr. West scored a hole in one through his book. In it he shares fast-paced and witty recipes to achieve happiness and to find both contentment and love in ourselves and in the passionate work that we do.

— Evelyne LLorente, M.D., Integrative Medicine

I found Dr. West’s book to be particularly relevant, impactful, motivating and meaningful in regard to my own life and that of my family. I especially enjoyed the way he wove his own humorous, heartfelt and deeply personal experiences and introspections to illustrate each ‘lesson.’

— Jody Robinson, Publisher of Community Publications

Dr. West has taken a shot at helping each of us find our path 
to balance and happiness; no small task and he hits the mark! 
He shares complex concepts and makes them simple and 
doable through examples and real life experiences. 

Reading and Happy has made me change my personal 
approach to happiness and personal satisfaction.  If you want 
to change how you experience your life read this book and 
more importantly do as it suggests.  You won’t be sorry.


Michael J. Krahe, Ph.D., Founder & Executive Director
Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines