Excerpt: Introduction

For the first thirty years of my life everything went according to plan: I did well in high school, followed that with high marks in college, and gained admittance into U.S.C. Dental School.  After graduating from Dental School, the plan was to do my tour in the Naval Dental Corps,  marriage, start a successful dental practice, have two beautiful, brilliant, children.  Check! That’s exactly how it went. At thirty, I can remember sitting in the backyard spa of my beautiful home, thinking, “What now?” 

Up until that point I had a plan.  I was now like a ship lost at sea.  Net result was a nasty divorce, health problems, and financial problems.  I took seminars, read books and sought professional help.  Nothing worked.  My ship was slowly sinking.

After I remarried things began to go better.   My wife introduced me to the writings of Charles Haanel and his book, “The Master Key System”, written in 1912.  After reading his book my improvement began to accelerate.  Yes, I had some major setbacks.  I learned that this was part of life; but I was now armed with some skills that would allow me to bounce back and right the ship.  My plan now is to help you right your own ship and find happiness.