Excerpt: Introduction

For the first thirty years of my life everything went according to plan: I did well in high school, followed that with high marks in college, gained admittance into U.S.C. Dental School. After graduating from Dental School, the plan was marriage, start a successful dental practice, have two beautiful, brilliant, children.  Check! That’s exactly how it went. At thirty, I can remember sitting in the backyard spa of my beautiful home, thinking, “What now?”  Well, I would quickly find out as things went a bit crazy and definitely off plan: divorce, health problems, financial problems and unhappiness. My biggest problem, however, was I had never developed the skills for handling things that didn’t follow the plan. At sixty, my wife introduced me to the writings of Charles Haanel and his book, The Master Key System.  The timing was right; I was searching for answers and information. Analyzing Haanel’s “Keys” helped me to formulate the skills I needed to live a healthy and happy life — for at least another thirty years. “What is my new plan?” you may ask. I would like to help you acquire these skills … and be happy.