Excerpt: About your prescription for happiness

Looking for happiness?  Why not have it find you?    

So often books of this genre give you some formula for finding happiness. For example, one book I read gives you the “Happiness Formula” as follows: H=S+C+V.  The explanation given is that the level of happiness that you actually experience (H) is determined by your biologic set point (S) plus the conditions of your life (C) plus the voluntary activities (V) you do. I find this a bit strange; I personally think happiness is not some algebraic equation to solve.  

Yes, happiness is not an algebraic equation, and it’s also not some state you achieve as a reward that for doing everything correctly in life.  There are people out there that think something is wrong with them if they are not in some constant state of euphoria.  Those people are the ones that often end up addicted to some drug or alcohol.  My logo of the arrow that you see throughout the book I feel gives a good representation of the realities of life.  You’re feeling good and then you are hit by something in life, and then you are feeling a bit challenged. If you have tools to handle these things, you start moving up again, and you start to appreciate and enjoy life more and the arrow goes way up.  Then trend is constantly moving up.  You become more observant and appreciative and enjoy life and feel happy. Knowing that like attracts like; once you feel happy, you attract good things and happiness will find you.